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New Share Offer

closes 14th February 2008


In May 2003, Lilian and Martin visited friends, Pete, Karen & Jade, then living in La Pinosa in the Vallespir in the French Pyrenees. In the nearby village of Saint Laurent de Cerdans they spotted a house for sale at 9, rue Joseph Nivet ~ now often referred to as Numero Neuf or Number Nine.

By the Autumn it had been bought by the  SCI La Maison de la Placette, a French company set up for the purpose with a capital of €70,000 and 1,000  issued shares at 70€ each  ( 500 owned by Lilian and 500 by Martin ). Immediately a programme of renovation commenced and lasted six months. Some of the workers elected to be paid in shares.

Over the last four years many people have stayed in Numero Neuf, even more have used the community resources it provides. It has also been used by the association, Les Amis du Numéro Neuf, in the hosting of their Solar Electricity courses. It is the current permanent residence of Pete, Karen, Jade and Martin.

Further small-scale improvements are underway and due to be completed by Easter 2008.

Investment opportunity

The vision is to create a model of an eco-aware renovation of a traditional Catalan house on a sound financial basis.

The SCI has been generating a growing stream of income from rentals, including the Solar courses. This is not enough, however, to complete a full renovation programme and thus achieve its maximum potential capital value or income.

The purpose of the current issue of new shares is
As a result we would expect to see a significant increase in the market value of the property

The share offer closes 14th February

Some 700 new shares at 70€ each are available for purchase

Financial and taxation Issues

Distribution of dividends
The net profits of the SCI will be applied to creating and maintaining a general reserve for the continuation and development of 9 rue Joseph Nivet and acquiring further property rather than paying a distribution to members.

Members’ remuneration and service contracts

Martin Lowe, is unpaid for his services as gerant in the administration and financial management of the SCI.


SCI La Maison de la Placette was incorporated and registered as a Societe Civile Immobiliere in France on 10th November 2003 with registered number: 450 587 613 RCS PERPIGNAN, Code APE-NAF: 702C , SIRET: 450 587 613 00016.  Its registered office is at 9 Rue Joseph Nivet, Saint Laurent de Cerdans, 66260 France.

Registered Statuts of the Society

The Statuts are the equivalent of a company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. The present Statuts were registered on incorporation . A copy of the Statuts is available in French and English

Applying for Shares

Closing date 14th Febrary 2008 .......To apply for shares click here or for queries email No9

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